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Hello Garfield Parents and Happy Tuesday!

Here we are with just a couple of school days left!! I only have a couple of reminders, so this will be short and sweet.

If your child has a blue plastic book cart folder, please return it before the last day of school.

If your child has any library books, please return them before the last day of school.

Report Cards are being sent home with the students tomorrow. Please check their backpacks so you can see the progress they have made!

We will need help with taking care of the Garfield Garden this summer. This includes, weeding and watering. I will send another e-mail next week with details and sign up information. Any help you can give is much appreciated!!

The last day of school is Thursday, June 6th!! It is an early dismissal day so the school day will end at 2:20. Please make sure if your child is a car rider that you are here to pick them up at 2:20.

Have an Awesome Summer everyone! (and a great rest of the week)


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