An election was held in March 1914 to build Garfield School which was called Mound Farm School until July 7, 1914.  A proposal to build a new grade school on Mound Farm was passed by a majority vote.

The board employed Mr. Dieman, an architect, and on August 6, 1914 the contract was awarded to the Guarantee Construction Company for $31,749.
The original building had six regular classrooms and an auditorium on the second floor.  The building was different in plan than any recent building, having a central corridor with rooms on either side.

An addition was added in 1927 to Garfield School.  Two classrooms were added to each end of the corridor at a cost of $30,000.

Another addition was built in 1953.  This added another ten classrooms, a combination gym/auditorium and a cafeteria at a cost of $500,000.
In recent years air conditioning has been installed in the classrooms. Wiring and plumbing were updated in 2001 and a 31 station computer lab was also completed in 2001.