Garfield Celebrates It's 100th Birthday


Garfield students make the shape of a 100 to represent Garfield Elementary turning 100 years old this year. 

Garfield is noted for its Egyptian Revival-style architecture. The July 20, 1914 edition of The Gazette noted the building would be “along the most modern and up-to-date lines in grade school construction.”

Originally, there were five classrooms on the first floor, each equipped with two restrooms. The second floor had an auditorium and another classroom, and there also was a teacher’s lounge and principal’s office on the first floor. An addition in 1927 added two classrooms to the end of each corridor; while a larger addition in 1953 added 10 classrooms; a combination auditorium-gym; a special education room; a newer teachers’ lounge, storage and restroom facilities. The Nov. 8, 1953 Gazette called it an “artful blend of the new with the old.”

The school still blends the new with the old. There now is a computer lab and a library, and brightly colored playground equipment. But some of the old tin ceiling still is visible at the entrance, and the 1950s-era stove in the old teachers’ lounge still works.

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