We started our day of celebration with a beautiful morning for the flag raising.  The Girl Scouts, under the leadership of Garfield & PTA mom Kim Baldwin, performed a perfect and moving flag raising ceremony for the entire school.  All students were ready-to-go and stood quietly at attention, in their bright royal blue t-shirts.  After the flag raising ceremony the whole school went to the black playground and took a picture in the form of a 100!

Garfield PTA member and mom, Brandi Sawyer enthusiastically jumped-right-in and worked hard at gathering and organizing the fun family activities, gift baskets and food.  Despite the weather, everyone still celebrated.  We just brought the fun inside!  Brandi had arranged for the perfect celebration atmosphere:  bouncy houses, balloon animals, face painting, hot dogs, anniversary cake(s) and Mr. Shucks (who even signed the Guest Book!) etc.  However, that 20 minute torrential downpour made a lot more work for Brandi and her volunteers.  We thank them for all for their hard work!

The Program, led by former principal Rick Netolicky, was a time for reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future.  The Sweet Adeline performed a very appropriate tune for the occasion with:  Everything Old Is New Again.  Retired principals, teachers and staff, current and former students and staff, families, neighbors, Gladiators and Wildcats, all came together to celebrate the positive influence that we all have in common:  Garfield School.  It was quite an honor to have Mayor Corbett here to present an official proclamation to a very enthusiastic Garfield Student Council!  Mark Stoffer Hunter of the History Center informed us about the builder of the school, explained the uniqueness of the architecture and complemented Garfield on its substantial and well organized archives. Music Teacher Emily Barnes and the Garfield Singers, along with the Sweet Adelines lead the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday to Garfield”.  After much reflecting on the past, it was a fitting time to begin looking toward the future.  To prepare us for the next 100 years of Garfield School, Mrs. Barnes & the Garfield Singers, accompanied by all students, lead the crowd in reciting the Garfield motto:   Dream Big, Work Hard, Be Successful, Because We’re Going to College!          

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